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As the name implies, a safe conductor rail system specifically designed and developed to supply electrical power to overhead travelling cranes, hoists, jibs and monorails, mobile material handling machines and other travelling equipment that require a mobile supply.

The POW-R-SAFE conductor bars are available in 5 current ratings: 100, 200, 220, 320 & 500Amps. Depending on the current load, application and environment, POW-R-SAFE conductor rail system is offered in a choice of 3 different materials: galvanized steel, copper and a combination of aluminium and stainless.

Bespoke applications commonly attributed to automated material conveyance:

  • Although the POW-R-SAFE conductor rails are generally installed horizontally, in a controlled environment, the parallel bars may also be installed in a vertical format. 
  • On our client’s specific request, POW-R-SAFE conductor rail can also be supplied curved. Our automated rolling and forming machinery, is able to achieve a maximum bending radius of 1.25m, easily covering a multitude of conveyance applications.
  • POW-R-SAFE has been used successfully in application of pick and place automation systems, associated with material handling applications.

Pow-R-Safe has been designed for years of trouble free operation and its ease of installation does not require the need of special tools.



  • Formed in either galvanized steel, aluminium/stainless steel & copper.
  • Available in 100A, 200A, 220A, 320A & 500A.
  • V-formed groove positively guides the current pick-up collector.
  • Collector is self-lubricating, of a sintered copper/graphite composition.
  • Able to be mounted in a vertical or horizontal position.
  • May be supplied to a maximum bending radius of 1.25m.
  • Designed to comply with current safety standards BSEN60529, DIN53438 & VDE0470.